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Dear Biker friend! If You are looking for a great tour to be a little bit Hungarian, eat & drink where the locals, bike on the nicest countryside and experience how is life on this part of Earth, we can help you. Try out something new, the bikers hidden paradise! Choose from our tours, to save time and effort to discover genuine Hungary on your own.

Tours: Vacations

Balaton Uplands
Wine & Bike

self-guided or guided

Food, wine, nature and relaxed biking in one of the most spectacular land of Hungary.

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Balaton Uplands
Wine & Bike Mini

self-guided or guided

Escape for a long weekend from the crowd and enjoy the wine and gastronomy at Lake Balaton.

Balaton Spin


Brag about the 210 km biking around the largest Central-European lake to your neighbours, but there are so much more to feel good on this tour.


Trail to Table Tour

multisport tour / guided

Get the full experience! Roll down to the lake, paddle across small harbours and climb up to the winery for your well deserved glass of wine. This is a leisure adventure, Bear Grylls would be bored to death.

Rumble in Budapest

Underground guided city walk

Budapest is a perfect place for a team building or city tour with friends. In this capital the history is kissing with the culture of centuries in every doorway, not to mention the ruin pubs, the craft beer and gastro revolution.


Balaton Uplands

Exclusive Tour

guided or self-guided

This is our most expensive bike tour for those who do not care about the price tag only the top notch quality. This trip was good enough for celebrities from LA, friends of Julia Roberts, ex-ambassadors, producers of the National Geographic or songwriters of the Broadway.

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